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Lisa Savage is a teacher, organizer and grandmother from Solon, Maine who has spent decades fighting for people, planet and peace. She’s running to give Mainers a Senator who will work for the people, not the powerful. As your voice in the Senate, Lisa will do what it takes to protect our children’s future and create a better world for all of us.

Lisa is proudly independent from the bipartisan establishment that’s bought and paid for by Wall Street, war contractors, fossil fuel giants, and big Pharma. As a sign of that independence, Lisa and the Maine Green Independent Party do not accept money or support of any kind from lobbyists, big corporate executives or super PACs.

As a public school teacher in rural Maine, Lisa sees every day the hardships that so many people are going through. She works with children whose families are struggling to survive in an economy where the costs of living have soared, where too many are uninsured or can’t afford to use their insurance, and where most working people are living paycheck to paycheck -- even as CEO incomes have soared.

Lisa knows firsthand the struggles that working people are facing today. As former vice president and chief negotiator for her local bargaining unit of the Maine Education Association, she knows how to fight for and win urgently needed health care, wages, pensions and security for working people.

To meet the urgent need for an economy that works for the 99% and to solve the growing climate crisis, Lisa has been a leader in the campaign to put Maine at the head of the Green jobs revolution by converting Bath Iron Works to supply green energy and transportation needs for the nation. She knows Maine can lead the way in providing Green New Deal infrastructure for the Northeast and beyond, building green solutions to the climate crisis - like commuter trains, solar panels and offshore wind towers - rather than wasting billions on unnecessary, polluting war ships that make the climate crisis worse.

This conversion would create thousands more jobs in Maine, jobs with good wages and benefits that won’t just disappear when the Pentagon decides its latest destroyer is obsolete.

Having previously co-coordinated the Bring Our War Dollars Home campaign, Lisa is ready to fight for the just and accountable use of our federal tax dollars. The military budget currently drains nearly 60% of our hard-earned tax dollars into the bloated, wasteful Pentagon budget. Lisa will work to redirect this wasteful spending to meet the unmet needs of everyday people for good jobs and a Green New Deal, health care as a human right through Medicare for All, education including free public higher education, public transportation, care for our military veterans, and more.

As a committed environmental advocate, Lisa founded the Maine Natural Guard, a group working to protect Maine’s environment by connecting the dots between the climate emergency and the Pentagon's massive greenhouse gas emissions.

As an advocate for our Indigenous brothers and sisters, Lisa helped lead the successful campaign to retire the last Native-themed school mascot in Maine, and helped pass legislation banning from all public schools the demeaning use of Native American images as mascots.

Lisa has been a vocal proponent of dignity and respect for immigrants, including an end to deportations and family separations, a welcoming path to citizenship, and respect for the rights of refugees. She believes we must end the root causes forcing migrants to flee their homelands - including military coups, death squads and regime change wars supported by the US, especially in Latin America.

Lisa has a history degree from Bowdoin College and a masters degree in education from the University of Southern Maine. She and her husband, Mark Roman, a self-employed woodworker, have five grown children and four grandchildren.

Lisa blogs at about organizing and actions to resist the moral, environmental and financial bankrupting of the U.S. through wars against the poor, at home and abroad.