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Act Now: Join us and let's make history together!

Here is where you can take action, connect with our community, and returning users can participate in the campaign.

Our goal is to foster a vibrant network of activists and a movement that cannot be silenced or sidelined.  Together we will elect a Senator for People, Planet, and Peace.  We want to empower you by giving you the tools and resources to make that possible. 

The first step is to create an account for yourself using the form to the right.  If you've already signed up and your name appears to the right then you're all set.  Returning users can go directly to your Action Points page, and spread the word about the campaign using the set of Custom Links made just for you.  If you've already created an account but your name does not appear to the right, just go to one of those pages and log in, then return here by clicking the ACTION button again.  Bookmark this page so you can easily return here another day.

Check out our Leaderboard and see if you're among our top activists!  If you don't see your activity reflected on the leaderboard, make sure you are logged in first, as your browser settings may log you out each time you exit.

Next check out the latest Campaign Updates, News, Videos, and Press Releases to stay informed about the campaign.  Be sure to subscribe to Lisa's Youtube Channel and make her daily videos part of your routine.

Connect your Facebook and Twitter accounts, and then visit our Facebook Page, Facebook Group, and Twitter Feed - like, share, and comment to let the world know that you are proud to be part of this movement.  Then Track Your Followers and reach out to others, to build your own networks and be a leader in the campaign.

When you're ready, take it to the next level by Recruiting others and training them how to use all the tools above. Use the SHARE button in the lower left corner of this page and they will be connected to you when they sign up. This is how we build an unstoppable movement - it's in your hands!!

You can also participate in our internal campaign Slack workspace.  For an invite just use our Contact form.

And finally, go to our Events and Activities page to find opportunities to connect with other activists like you!

Together, we will make history!  Welcome aboard. 

Who's volunteering
Paul Cunningham
Jibril Ghadban
Michael S Goodman
Meghan Fischer
C.J. Ordway
Peter Branson
Richard Cate
Allen Lum
Brandon Haines
Darryl Gibson
Janna Mercier
Brandon Marx
Kathleen Grover
Brandon Marx
Adrian Roth
Gloria and Jim Purcell
Audra Kalvaitis
Scottie Johnson
Jane Fusaro
Tamara Hunt
Austin Witham
Geoff Nosach
Geoff Nosach
Geoff Nosach
Geoff Nosach
Austin Witham
Kelly Merrill
Kelly Merrill
Kelly Merrill
Thomas Leavitt

Will you volunteer?