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Support striking workers at BIW!

Workers at Maine’s largest employer, Bath Iron Works, have voted to strike for a fair contract. As a former union negotiator for her local bargaining unit of the Maine Education Association, Lisa Savage is calling on everyone to support the workers in their demand for safety, respect, and a fair contract with no union-busting.

Before deciding to strike, membership of the S6 union voted not to accept the contract offered by management due to concerns including a lack of fair pension contributions, increasing healthcare costs, and practices that attack unions and worker seniority. To undermine the union, BIW has been bringing in non-union laborers as contractors to avoid paying its Maine workers fairly.

BIW owner General Dynamics is a wealthy corporation that pays its executives tens of millions of dollars a year and uses profits to buy back its own stocks. BIW kept $45 million in state taxes deducted from workers' paychecks under a law it lobbied for in the Maine legislature, and owner General Dynamics reported $900 million in cash on hand in its last SEC filing. It can well afford to give the skilled and trained workers at BIW fair compensation.

This petition will be delivered to BIW management to demand their support of a fair contract.

In solidarity with Machinists Local 6, we stand with striking workers and call on BIW to come to the terms of a fair contract now!

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All workers deserve safety, respect for the collective bargaining agreement, and seniority protection. We call on BIW to come to the terms of a fair contract with Machinists Local 6 now!

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