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Bond, Linn, Savage Demand Inclusion in Senate Debates

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Friday July 17, 2020

For more info: Sam Pfeifle, press coordinator, Lisa for Maine, 207-749-0298,

Tiffany Bond,

Matt McDonald, campaign manager for Max Linn,

As current independent candidates for the U.S. Senate in Maine, Tiffany Bond, Max Linn, and Lisa Savage, released the following collective statement: 

“As we enter the home stretch of this race for U.S. Senate, one thing has become increasingly clear: The two large-party candidates, Susan Collins and Sara Gideon, feel they are the only two in the race. We are here to tell them that sentiment is undemocratic, dismissive of Maine voters, and wholly unacceptable. 

“Specifically, we three collectively demand inclusion in any debates hosted for the purpose of informing voters about the U.S. Senate race. Maine voters have made clear on multiple occasions, with their votes in favor of ranked-choice voting, that they are interested in hearing from more than the traditional large-party candidates. What more evidence do we need than our own independent Senator Angus King?

 “Clearly, Senator Susan Collins and Sara Gideon think the millions they have raised, largely from people outside the state of Maine, grants them exclusivity and a right to dismiss the ideas and policies of the other candidates on the ballot. We know that Maine voters are much too savvy to be taken in by endless Facebook ads and campaign staffs that would make most Maine small businesses blush. Rather, they are interested in the marketplace of ideas, using ranked-choice voting to select the candidate who most represents their values. 

“Any debate organizer that capitulates to Collins and Gideon’s ideas of a head-to-head matchup is telling the people of Maine that their opinions don’t matter, that their choices should be limited to only those candidates backed by the wealthy, and that bank accounts should decide the validity of candidates, not the thousands of signatures submitted to the Secretary of State nor the quality of the candidates’ ideas. 

“Further, there is ample precedent for including independents in Maine candidate debates. As recently as 2018, we saw healthy debates in the Second District, where two independent voices brought intelligence and passion to debates, and where ranked-choice voting decided the outcome. And in the Senate race, we saw King engage thoughtfully with both the Republican and Democratic challenger, despite their relative political inexperience.

“We will not stand idly by and watch our democracy be corrupted by the wealthy. Elections are not auctions, sold to the highest bidder. Rather, we are ready to engage in frank, open, and informed discussion about the future of Maine and the United States. We hope that Senator Susan Collins and Sara Gideon can say the same.”

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