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A Senator for People, Planet, and Peace

I’m Lisa Savage, teacher, organizer, and grandmother from Solon, Maine, and I’m running for US Senate to give Mainers a Senator who will work for the people, not the powerful.

I believe we deserve a government that works for us, not the big banks, weapons manufacturers, fossil fuel giants and corporate lobbyists who are calling the shots in Washington.

As your voice in the Senate, I’ll do what it takes to protect our children’s future and create a better world for all of us.

I believe, as residents of the richest country in world history, we all deserve the fundamentals of a secure life, like good union jobs through a Green New Deal that will put millions to work tackling the climate crisis, a Medicare for All healthcare system that will work for everyone and stop driving sick people into bankruptcy, and quality education for all, including free public higher education without student debt.

As a teacher in rural Maine, I work with children whose families are struggling to survive in an economy that’s thrown working people under the bus. To make things worse, we’re facing a climate crisis that’s already harming our farms, fisheries and coast. Yet with all the urgent needs we face, Congress is making things worse by giving almost 60% of our federal discretionary budget to the Pentagon for endless, unwinnable wars that are making the world less safe.

It’s time to say no to politics as usual, and join together to work for a new system that puts people, planet and peace over profit. 

We have a historic opportunity in this race now that Maine has adopted Ranked Choice Voting. Our new and improved voting system, which Mainers won through an inspiring grassroots movement, gives everyone the freedom to vote their values, not their fears. In my experience, most Mainers share the Green Party's values of peace, justice, democracy, environmental protection, and independence from the political establishment.

A recent national poll found a staggering 70% of Americans are fed up with our political system that only works for insiders with money and power. Together we can seize this moment to build a people-powered campaign that will make history. All we have to do is let our neighbors know that they have a real choice.

We’ve never had a better opportunity - or a more urgent need - to come together for the greater good. I hope you’ll consider supporting my campaign to give Mainers a Senator for the people. Together, we can create a Maine and a nation that works for all of us!