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Lisa Savage Announces Opposition to CMP Corridor/NECEC, Addition of David Gibson as Renewable Energy Policy Advisor


Contact for more info: Sam Pfeifle
Twitter: @SamPfeifle
Phone: 207-749-0298

On Dec 5, Green U.S. Senate Candidate Lisa Savage will attend and participate in a public hearing in Lewiston with the Army Corps of Engineers, articulating her opposition to the so-called New England Clean Energy Connect (NECEC) project being proposed by Central Maine Power. Prior to the event, Savage will be joined by Penobscot journalist, consultant, and activist Dawn Neptune Adams; Forest Ecology Network Director and former Maine Green Gubernatorial Candidate Jonathan Carter; and former Green Party Presidential Candidate and Massachusetts Green-Rainbow Party member Dr. Jill Stein at a press conference where they will collectively make their argument for why the NECEC must not go forward.

Additionally, Savage announced today that solar and renewable energy expert David Gibson has ended his campaign for the MGIP U.S. Senate nomination and joined the Savage campaign as a renewable energy policy advisor.

“We must keep corporate hands off the Maine woods,” said Savage. “This is a bad deal for Maine. We can’t let the profit-based interests of global corporations over-ride Mainers’ deep connection with our land and environment. Cutting through 53 miles of Maine woods is no way to address the climate crisis. Not only will animal habitats, including bodies of water and wetlands, be adversely affected, but Maine's economy is largely dependent on tourism, and building ugly, habitat-destroying projects is detrimental to this source of revenue and Maine’s growing international brand.”

With this position, Savage joins with the likes of the No CMP Corridor, Natural Resources Council of Maine, Stop the Corridor, RESTORE: The North Woods, the Sierra Club, and the many towns along the proposed corridor that have voted to oppose the project.

“There is no evidence the project will reduce greenhouse gas emissions,” said Savage, “but there is every indication that global corporations like Avagrid will profit. We cannot let phony solutions to climate crisis made by profit-driven companies distract us from real climate crisis responses. We must encourage local power generation from sustainable, renewable sources like the systems David Gibson has been installing for years, and get away from weak, unsafe power lines that carry power hundreds of miles.”

The Hydro-Québec projects have destroyed thousands of square miles of forest lands,” said Forest Ecology Network’s Jonathan Carter, “lands that were actively absorbing and sequestering carbon. I have visited these dammed landscapes in northern Quebec and Labrador – complete destruction! I call this area the Canadian Tar Sands East! The massive detritus left from the flooding of this area is being decomposed by methane producing bacteria – and the methane being emitted is over 20 times as impactful as a greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide. The CMP Corridor energy is being touted as clean. This is an out and out falsehood. Destroying more forest to bring the power to Massachusetts is just further reducing carbon sequestration capacity.”

As U.S. Senator, Savage promises to work with federal regulators, the Army Corps of Engineers, and local and state officials to ensure this project never goes forward. Instead, she will encourage investment in a Green New Deal that will bring countless new jobs to Maine and the country while addressing the climate crisis and ensuring Maine remains an environmental wonder for generations of Mainers to come. 

What: Press Conference announcing Savage opposition to NECEC/CMP Corridor

When: Dec. 5, 3 p.m.

Who: U.S. Senate Candidate Lisa Savage, Dawn Neptune Adams, Jonathan Carter, Jill Stein

Where: Ramada Inn, Lewiston, Maine

Contact: Sam Pfeifle, Lisa for Maine Press Coordinator, 207-749-0298,

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