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U.S. Senate Candidate Savage Responds To Maine Supreme Court Ruling On CMP Corridor Referendum

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Monday August 17, 2020

For more info: Sam Pfeifle, Press Coordinator, Lisa for Maine, 207-749-0298,

Independent Green candidate for the U.S. Senate in Maine Lisa Savage released the following statement on the Maine Supreme Court ruling that the CMP Corridor ballot initiative is unconstitutional:

“Cutting down the Maine woods to build a transmission line to help Quebec Hydro sell power to Massachusetts is something most Mainers reject as striking directly at our very way of life. When the Legislature, the Public Utilities Commission, and the Governor’s Office all failed to serve the Maine people, the Maine people took matters into their own hands, trudging through snow and ice in the coldest months of winter to gather enough signatures to give voters a chance to weigh in on the unpopular CMP Corridor project.

“Now, we find that the judicial branch of Maine government has failed Maine people as well. 

“I’ll leave it to others to argue with the court’s legal findings, but opposition to this project, which will do nothing to address our climate crisis, has only intensified. The Maine people see the CMP Corridor for what it is: A naked effort by multiple foreign corporations to line their pockets by sowing disinformation and playing on people’s rightful fears of a warming planet.  

“I have no recourse but to join with so many other frustrated and concerned Mainers in searching for a creative way to ensure this destructive and profit-motivated boondoggle of a project doesn’t go forward. 

“Luckily, a solution lies before us -- legislation already introduced to establish CMP as a consumer-owned utility, LD 1646, sponsored by Rep. Seth Berry of Bowdoinham. I join with him in calling for the people of Maine to be put back in charge of decisions about our own energy production and use. Local networks of clean energy systems are more responsive to what people actually need -- and keep millions of hard-earned Maine dollars from flying out of our state into the pockets of corporate stockholders.

When I am elected, I will work in the U.S. Senate to provide incentives for these local means of energy production and make sure the United States invests heavily in local-energy projects as part of a Demilitarized Green New Deal that will get us to carbon neutrality by 2030 and produce millions of good union jobs. 

“Further, the Maine Legislature must restore Wabanaki Tribal sovereignty so that the original, enduring stewards of this land and its waterways have the power to go on protecting them. If we would center the wisdom of those living sustainably here for at least the last 12,000 years we would not be in the climate crisis we find ourselves in. LD 2094 deserves passage and indigenous voices deserve a strong role in governing our beautiful state. Their presence when such decisions are being made will help us be mindful of the consequences of what we do today for the next seven generations.”

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