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US Senate Candidate Savage Demands Series of Open and Inclusive Debates

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Wednesday July 16, 2020

For more info: Sam Pfeifle 207-749-0298  @SamPfeifle

As the state of Maine learned the results of its primaries, the Democratic and Republican candidates for U.S. Senate issued calls for debate schedules, both of them clearly intended to exclude the independents in the race. “This,” said Lisa Savage, independent Green candidate for U.S. Senate, “is unacceptable.” 

“As the first candidate to qualify for the ballot,” said Savage, “thanks to more than 9,000 signatures from Maine voters, I stand ready to debate any ballot-qualified candidate for the Senate at any time. Any debate that doesn’t invite all balloted candidates is anti-democratic and insulting to the voters of Maine.”

As Maine voters have overwhelmingly voted in favor of ranked-choice voting on multiple occasions -- once because House Speaker Sara Gideon and the rest of the State Legislature tried to undermine the people’s will -- it’s clear they are in favor of hearing from candidates representing a wide variety of perspectives, and not simply the traditional large-party candidates, Savage said.

“Sara wants five debates; Susan wants 16,” said Savage. “The number isn’t important. The more the better. I hope our news organizations, non-profits, and business groups organize events that will speak to their specific interests and constituencies. But no debate is valid without me, Max Linn, and -- unless and until her petition is denied by the courts -- Tiffany Bond.”

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