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Don't let Democracy Now erase Lisa Savage!

Outrageous: in Democracy Now's national coverage of Maine's Senate race on Friday, host Amy Goodman framed it as a 2-way race between just the big-money Democratic and Republican candidates without mentioning ranked-choice voting or Lisa Savage.

Democracy Now has a reputation for challenging corporate establishment narratives and giving fair coverage to independent political parties. Their mission statement says they are "never compromised by corporate or government interests". Many progressive and critical thinkers listen to Democracy Now expecting such independent coverage.

So why didn't Democracy Now even mention the progressive candidate in the race, or the role of ranked-choice voting - which has been covered even by mainstream media like NBC, the Washington Post, and even the Wall Street Journal?

Please add your name to let us know you will contact Democracy Now to ask them to correct their omission and inform their audience before Election Day that Maine's Senate race is a ranked-choice voting race with a strong progressive candidate in Lisa Savage!

Democracy Now phone: 212-431-9090

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Yes! I will contact Democracy Now to ask them to correct their omission of Lisa Savage and ranked-choice voting from coverage of Maine's US Senate race.

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