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US Senate Candidate Savage Says Dems’ Climate Plan Has a Big Hole in it Shaped Like the Pentagon

Today Lisa Savage, independent Green candidate for US Senate, released the following statement on the 575-page climate plan released by Congressional Democrats:

“If you’re looking for a clear example of the myopia repeatedly demonstrated by corporate politicians in Washington, it would be hard to beat the supposedly comprehensive climate plan released by the House Democrats last week. While it is a step in the right direction, it is baffling that it contains nothing about controlling the Pentagon and the greenhouse emissions of the U.S. military.

In fact, in the same week Democrats were preparing to release this plan, they helped to unanimously support a $740 billion defense authorization bill, which is actually $35 billion more than the Defense Department initially asked for in February. Doesn’t Congress know? The Pentagon is already the largest institutional creator of greenhouse gases on the planet and releases more greenhouse gases than all but 54 countries -- more than Portugal or Sweden.

Emissions goals are admirable, but it is foolish to think we can address climate change without changing our behaviors across the board. Why should every sector of the economy respond to this crisis except the U.S. military? Further, why not repurpose the money earmarked for the world’s biggest polluter and use that money to drive the Green New Deal? 

When people ask how we’ll pay for the Green New Deal, the answer is right there in the military budget. But instead of converting that defense money into green technology and good union jobs that would actually protect the U.S. and the world from the greatest threat all of us face, the corporate-funded Democrats combine with their corporate-funded Republican colleagues to continue building weapons of war, which study after study has shown to be relatively poor at creating jobs.

Until we elect politicians who are committed to ending war -- and military spending writ large -- we are blocked from truly addressing an accelerating climate crisis, and we doom our children and grandchildren to a future of violent storms, climate refugees, and geopolitical upheaval. 

We must get serious about cutting the military budget immediately if we hope to have a future on this planet.”

Find information about Lisa’s background, her policy positions, and where to donate to her people-powered campaign at

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