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Savage Campaign for US Senate Makes FEC Filing

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Tuesday October 15, 2019

Contact for more info: Sam Pfeifle
Twitter: @SamPfeifle
Phone: 207-749-0298

Less than a week after announcing an exploratory campaign for U.S. Senate, Lisa Savage blew past the fundraising benchmark requiring Federal Election Commission filing and so submitted her candidate paperwork to the FEC. Savage has been met with a groundswell of initial support from all corners of the state of Maine, with supporters traveling from as far away as Deer Isle and Bangor to her first public rally last week in Portland’s Congress Square. 

Lisa Maine preparing to submit FEC filing.
victims of gentrification

“I have known Lisa Savage for nearly two decades,” long-time Portland educator and activist Markos Miller told the assembled crowd on October 10. “She is smart, she is passionate, she is caring. I need a senator like Lisa Savage. As an active member of her community, Lisa understands the realities of Maine families and Maine communities.”

The teacher, organizer, and grandmother from Solon is running as a Maine Green Independent and now must collect 2,000 signatures from Maine’s 45,000 registered Greens between January 1 and March 15, 2020. Her nascent campaign continues to focus on planning for signature collection, an extensive listening tour of Maine, and developing a network of volunteers to propel the Savage campaign through a potential Green primary and into the general election. 

“We have a long road ahead of us,” said Savage, “but I am heartened and emboldened by the incredible response we’ve had already to my campaign. It’s clear the people of Maine are fed up with government that works only for corporations and the ultra-wealthy. They are fed up with so much of our hard-earned money being spent on the military and subsidies for oil companies and multinational corporations who won’t even pay a living wage. Mainers are ready for a senator who will put people, planet, and peace over profit.”

At the Congress Square rally, speakers extolled Savage’s long history of advocating for working people, the environment, diverse populations, and peace, to a crowd that filled the square with hand-made signs and loud voices. 

“Since I’ve gotten involved in politics,” said homeless advocate Jessica Falero, “I’ve experienced a very unfortunate trend of politicians that only represent themselves and ‘people like them.’ I am continuously appalled by the lack of open-mindedness and compassion for people not of their social stature or people who don’t fit into societal normatives. This is why I’m here to say we need Lisa Savage in the U.S Senate.”

Naval Academy graduate and Vietnam veteran Dud Hendrick, a long-time proponent of converting Bath Iron Works into a facility that builds solutions to the climate crisis, said, “It is my opinion that Lisa Savage represents the values and change — the paradigm shift, if you will — that we so desperately need in this country. She is a place we can find hope. I am grateful for the opportunity to work on her campaign.” 

Savage’s next public appearance will be at the Maine Green Independent Party’s Fall Gathering, at the Belfast Library, October 27. 

Find information about Lisa’s background, her policy positions, and where to donate to her people-powered campaign at

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