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Help Get Out The Vote to Rank Lisa First!

Lisa Savage and the Lisa for Maine team are working around the clock to get every single first-choice vote we can in this historic ranked-choice voting race!

For our final big push to get out the vote, we need to raise $3,000 to run our closing message in 3 key Maine newspapers, 5 news sites, and 12 radio stations; to hire a photographer to join Lisa at 5 different polling places on this historic Election Day; and to provide hot food and drinks to our team members and volunteers who’ll be working the polls all day in just-above-freezing weather.

Please donate what you can now to help us hit our goal so we can reach as many voters as we can with Lisa’s message on Election Day!

Thank you so much for all of your support that has brought us so far. Please help us power through the finish line and make this election one that will change US politics for good!

$3,000 GOAL

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