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Lisa is making headlines!

Our campaign to elect a Senator for people, planet, and peace is making headlines!

Over a year before the 2020 election, Lisa Savage for US Senate is already getting great media exposure. This level of positive, issues-focused coverage this early in the election cycle is virtually unprecedented for a Green campaign - a good sign of things to come! 

We wanted to share some recent highlights with you:

On October 17 the Times Record published a column by Lisa on how we could create more jobs by converting Bath Iron Works to a Green New Deal manufacturer, based on research showing investments in clean energy create 50% more jobs than Pentagon contracts:

If BIW’s 5,600 jobs is good, how great would 8,000 be? All while BIW continues to buy goods and services from local Maine businesses. And rather than building tools for war, ones we hope we never have to use, we could be building useful things: inexpensive power, less polluting travel along our shorelines and rivers, and solutions to the upheaval that climate change is bound to bring.

On October 25 Maine Beacon gave Lisa the last word in an article about Sen. King and Sen. Collins’ silence on raising the minimum wage to $15/hour. The article also ran in the Portland Press Herald and Times Record:

Lisa Savage, a teacher from Solon who announced earlier this month that she is exploring a run for Senate as a Green Party candidate, said, “I’ve been a teacher in Maine for 25 years. I see the families of the children I work with struggling to survive in this economy, and I see the impact on their children’s readiness for learning. With one in nine U.S. workers in poverty even when working full-time and year-round, and no rise in the federal minimum wage for a decade, while CEO salaries are through the roof, this legislation is long overdue.”

Then on October 29, Maine Beacon ran a fantastic profile of Lisa’s campaign, touching on issues from climate change and war to healthcare, worker’s rights and housing:

“The Green New Deal is a conversion scheme for creating jobs, good jobs, union jobs with benefits, and using federal funding that’s now being spent on building weapons or other things that are that are bad for the earth,” she explained. “We could stop waging wars for oil in which we burn a whole bunch of oil in order to secure our access to oil. It’s a vicious cycle that we’re caught in as the U.S., and it’s not a healthy one for the planet. It’s not healthy for the people that are on the receiving end of our weapons. And it’s not even a very good jobs program, as it turns out.”

Just as important to Savage is the fight to establish a national, single-payer Medicare for All healthcare system. With many people that she knows having either no health insurance or plans with exorbitantly high deductibles, Savage sees health care as a basic but long-denied human right.

“I see the effect on people that I love, the families that I work with, and [on] my neighbors around me of not having adequate health care,” she said. “Most of the economic woes people are suffering from in Maine are the result of this.”

We’re really excited about all the positive media coverage Lisa’s campaign is already getting. Help us build the momentum by sharing these articles and more from Lisa for Maine’s Facebook page and Twitter account!

Next up: to show the media that Lisa is a real contender in this race, we need to get her on the ballot. That means we need to get ready now to gather thousands of signatures from registered Green Independent voters between January 1st and March 15th. We especially need people who can make phonebanking calls to get signature pledges, and people who can collect signatures in their area.

Will you volunteer today to help us get Lisa on the ballot and show that she’s in it to win it?

We have an incredible opportunity to elect a Senator for people, planet and peace. Thanks for all you do to help us build an unstoppable grassroots movement to make history!

-The Lisa for Maine Team

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