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Help Lisa finish strong & get your donation matched!

With just under two weeks until Election Day 2020, the Lisa for Maine campaign is going all out to get out the vote to make Lisa Savage our next US Senator.

Your support has taken us so far - will you donate what you can today to help us finish strong and reach every single voter we possibly can?

We’re grateful that some generous donors will match everything you give dollar-for-dollar up to $7,500!

So many people have told us that Lisa’s campaign has been a breath of fresh air, and a reason for hope in a difficult time.

In a political environment marked by fear, anger, division, and fierce pressure to accept “lesser evil”, Lisa has been one of very few candidates encouraging us to vote for the greater good.

Without Lisa, Maine’s Senate race would simply be the same old tiresome wrestling match between two corporate-backed establishment politicians, the most expensive and negative Senate election in Maine’s history.

Lisa’s campaign has brought so much more to this race: a positive focus on issues that matter, real solutions, grassroots organizing, and living proof that politics can be so much better.

While media coverage of the race has not been fair and balanced, our campaign has succeeded in bringing critical life-or-death issues to the spotlight in both local and national media, while also forcing journalists to cover ranked-choice voting as a key element of this nationally-watched race.

To get our message out about two critical issues that have resonated with voters across Maine, we’ve launched ads in local media outlets on Medicare for All and a Green New Deal.

Please contribute now to help us keep airing Lisa’s powerful message on local media through Election Day - whatever you give will be doubled up to $7,500!

Countless people who’ve watched the debates have been impressed by Lisa’s strong, intelligent, straightforward, and unabashedly progressive performances.

While the national debates have been roundly denounced for lack of substance and pandering to the right, Lisa Savage has been one of the few candidates this year representing progressive positions on a major debate stage, from cutting out-of-control war spending, to a people’s bailout for the Covid-19 crisis, to demilitarizing and defunding police while re-funding our schools, communities, and alternatives to mass incarceration.

While Lisa lights up the debates and media, our passionate grassroots supporters are out and about in full force, tabling at farmer’s markets, holding banners at busy intersections, writing letters to the editor in local papers, reaching out to friends and family on social media, and much more.

In all the polls that have used ranked-choice voting, voters across the board have named Lisa as their top second choice. Our job now is to persuade the huge number of Mainers who like Lisa that they should vote for what they really want and rank Lisa first!

With thousands already starting to vote, we need your support to power our voter outreach campaign starting now and send a powerful message from Maine to Washington DC that can’t be ignored: for Medicare for All, for a Green New Deal, for ranked-choice voting and real democracy, for people, planet, and peace over profit.

Please donate now to help Lisa finish this historic campaign as strong as possible - your donation will be matched dollar-for-dollar to get Lisa’s message to every voter we can!

Thank you for all that you do to build this unstoppable movement for the greater good.

With help from incredible supporters like you, we can do Lisa proud on Election Day - and keep growing the movement from there!

In gratitude,

The Lisa for Maine Team


PS.  If you'd prefer to donate by mailing a check, we’d greatly appreciate that too! To donate by check, please make your check out to “Lisa for ME” and mail it to:

Lisa for ME
PO Box 1887
Gray, ME 04039

Please note: When donating by check, Federal Law requires that we ask for your employer and occupation. If you don't have an employer or are retired, put N/A, and if you are self-employed list "self-employed" then describe your occupation.

Contributions are not tax-deductible. Thank you for your generous support!


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