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US Senate Candidate Lisa Savage Releases Statement on Impeachment


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US Senate Candidate Lisa Savage Releases Statement on Impeachment

As the U.S. House of Representatives moves to impeach President Trump, Green Party candidate for U.S. Senate Lisa Savage provided this statement:

“Impeachment is a grave constitutional duty of Congress and should not be undertaken lightly. As the House moves toward impeachment, I find it unfortunate that the proceedings reflect the partisan warfare we’ve come to expect from Washington. As someone outside the two-party establishment, I want to help us get past the gridlock and bickering that distracts us from the urgent problems that Congress is failing to resolve.

I believe there are legitimate concerns that Trump has abused power and violated the Constitution, but I’m concerned that the articles of impeachment in their current narrow formulation do not truly rise to the level of high crimes and misdemeanors that the Constitution lays out as a prerequisite for impeachment.

Further, trying and convicting someone in the press in advance of the actual trial is not good for democracy. Let’s respect the process as defined in the Constitution, and hope that it can be conducted in a timely manner. A long Senate trial would continue diverting attention from the issues in urgent need of attention.

Neither censure nor removal from office will fix the serious threats afflicting our democracy, which are pervasive and fundamentally related to the corruption of our political system. To address this, we need anti-corruption reforms like an end to the revolving door between corporations and government, and public funding of elections. We urgently need to get big money out of government and get the people back in.

Unless we elect candidates who put people, planet, and peace over profit, we will only get more of the same."

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