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Maine Green Independent Party Endorses US Senate Candidate Savage


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  • Sam Pfeifle [press coordinator, Lisa for Maine], 207-749-0298,
  • Linnea Maravell  [co-chair, Maine Green Independent Party], 207-604-0335,

At the Maine Green Independent Party’s state convention yesterday, attendees endorsed Lisa Savage for U.S. Senate by unanimous consent. Savage announced her campaign last year as a Green Independent, but onerous ballot access laws forced her to take a route to the ballot unenrolled from the party. Savage secured a ballot line with more than 5,400 signatures submitted to the secretary of state in April. The endorsement validates that her campaign is committed to the party’s values and platform, regardless of how she is listed on the general election ballot this fall.

After the unanimous endorsement, Savage thanked what she called her “Green family”: “If John Rensenbrink and others had not founded the Maine Green Independent Party, I would not be standing here. If he and other Greens, experienced at electoral politics, had not supported and advised me, I would not be on the ballot; I needed their moral support to make the difficult decision to seek ballot access as an independent. …

“And if Green party members had not worked diligently for years to mount not just one, but two successful referendums to establish ranked-choice voting, I would not dare to dream of victory at the polls in November. But I’m here to tell you that ranked choice voting changes the game. It really does allow for a new politics of ideas and positive campaigning.”

Following her acceptance speech, convention facilitator Ben Meiklejohn, a Green Independent running for state representative in House District 135, noted that the virtual nature of the convention might make it more difficult to convey, but there is great enthusiasm in the party for the Savage campaign. “If we were gathered together in the same room, you would be witnessing a standing ovation right now,” he said. Instead, attendees waved their hands and otherwise visually demonstrated their excitement. 

The Savage campaign’s independent run mirrors the independent run of party co-founder Rensenbrink in 1996, when he secured 4% of the vote against Savage’s current opponent, Susan Collins, as she won her first race for U.S. Senate with 49% of the vote. Many observers have wondered how that race might have come out differently had ranked choice voting been in place. This year, Collins will face an independent challenger -- and maybe more than one -- for the first time with ranked choice voting in effect.

“I stand with you today to say enough!,” Savage concluded. With a commitment to policies like Medicare for All, racial justice, a demilitarized Green New Deal, free public education through the university level, ending mass incarceration, LGBTQ+ rights, and defunding the police, Savage said, “We are the party that holds a real, living breathing vision that another and better world is not only possible - it is essential if we as a species are to survive. With you, my Green family, I believe we can win this Senate seat. … Now is our opportunity. We lead together.”

Find information about Lisa Savage, her policy positions, background, and how to support her people-powered campaign at

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