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Lisa Savage in the News

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9/18/20 - Bangor Daily News: Lisa Savage stood out in the Senate debate

9/18/20 - Press Herald: Vote your values, not your fears in Senate race

9/17/20 - Press Herald: Poll shows Gideon with large lead over Collins, but leaves out 2 independent candidates

9/17/20 - Bangor Daily News: Ranked choice voting gives Lisa Savage toehold in Maine Senate race

9/17/20 - Beacon: Collins needed to shake up race with debate, that didn't happen

9/17/20 - Village Soup: Savage calls for healthcare, public higher education rather than saber rattling

9/17/20 - Maine Public Radio: As Money Flows Into Senate's 'Marquee Race', Conflicting Claims About Its Effects

9/16/20 - Bangor Daily News: Where Maine's Senate candidates stand on money in politics and other reforms

9/15/20 - Bangor Daily News: From Covid crisis to health care opportunity

9/15/20 - Sun Journal: Often-overlooked US Senate candidate highlights forgotten women in her new book

9/15/20 - Kennebec Journal & Morning Sentinel: Savage by far the best choice for Senate

9/14/20 - Maine Campus: West Coast fires should mean something to anyone planning to vote

9/14/20 - Bangor Daily News: Maine US Senate hopefuls agree some on virus relief but not on scope

9/14/20 - Portland Press Herald: Letter: Lisa Savage speaks to the issues that matter

9/11/20 - Bangor Daily News: 5 things to watch for in tonight's Maine US Senate debate

9/11/20 - Bangor Daily News: The real US Senate choice

9/11/20 - Penobscot Bay Pilot: Letter: Lisa Savage is most progressive voice in the race

9/11/20 - Village Soup: Lisa Savage interview

9/10/20 - Bangor Daily News: Susan Collins and Sara Gideon virtually tied in new Maine AARP poll

9/10/20 - Bangor Daily News: Prepping for Friday's US Senate debate

9/10/20 - Camden Herald: More than 2 options for US Senate

9/10/20 - Bangor Daily News: U.S. Senate developments (new Lisa Savage TV ad)

9/9/20 - Kennebec Journal and Morning Sentinel: Campaigning in a pandemic

9/9/20 - Bangor Daily News: How the candidates in Maine's US Senate race differ on health care

9/8/20 - Our Revolution LA: The Importance of this Friday's U.S. Senate Debate in Maine

9/8/20 - Mainer: The People's Choice

9/5/20 - Portland Press Herald: Letter: Maine voters should listen to Lisa Savage

9/4/20 - Kennebec Journal and Morning Sentinel: Letter: Savage best first pick for US Senate

9/2/20 - Independent Voter News: Maine Independent Candidate Invited to 4 Senate Debates

9/1/20 - Sun Journal: In ranked-choice Senate race, only independents willing to name their second pick

9/1/20 - Kennebec Journal and Morning Sentinel: Vote for Lisa Savage for truly better health care

8/31/20 - Beacon: Gideon health care plan targets Big Pharma and Insurance, doesn't include Medicare for All

8/28/20 - Ellsworth American: Savage deserves a look

8/27/20 - Beacon: Democracy advocates defend RCV as ruling may force last-minute change to Maine's ballots

8/27/20 - Bangor Daily News: Letter: Support for Savage

8/27/20 - Portland Press Herald: Letter: Savage backs policies that meet Mainers' real needs

8/25/20 - RootsAction: Let's take advantage of ranked-choice voting in Maine

8/25/20 - Free Press: A Meaningful, First Choice

8/25/20 - Kennebec Journal and Morning Sentinel: Vote Savage to save, expand Medicare

8/24/20 - Beacon: Advocates say Gideon's climate agenda is "starting point", call for bolder stance

8/22/20 - Portland Press Herald: Maine Voices: Ranked-choice voting gives Mainers another chance to make history

8/21/20 - The Fulcrum: Maine's unique RCV system buttressed by a rare four-way Senate debate

8/19/20 - Portland Press Herald: The case for Lisa Savage

8/17/20 - Piscatiquis Observer: Letter: Ranked-choice voting provides the best of both worlds

8/17/20 - Portland Press Herald: Letter: Lisa Savage is the right choice for progressive voters

8/14/20 - Central Maine: Letter: Talk about all four Senate candidates

8/13/20 - WVOM: Lisa Savage for US Senate interview

8/11/20 - Portland Press Herald: Letter: Polls ignore independent Maine U.S. Senate candidates

8/11/20 - Bangor Daily News: Sara Gideon leads Susan Collins in BDN poll as Democrats enter 2020 cycle with edge

8/10/20 - News Center Maine, Portland Press Herald, and BDN partner to host US Senate debate next month

8/10/20 - Politics and other mistakes: The microbes march on

8/8/20 - Bangor Daily News: Letter: Disrupting Plutocracy

8/7/20 - Central Maine: Press Herald teams with Bangor Daily News, News Center to host U.S. Senate debate

8/6/20 - Beacon: As state revenues crash, it's time to finally tax the wealthy (Lisa Savage interview)

8/5/20 - Bangor Daily News: Letter: Maine's independence

8/5/20 - Is Kanye West Trump's 'puppet'? Alarmed Internet believes rapper is trying to swing Black votes away from Biden

8/5/20 - The County: COVID-19 exposes systemic failures

8/3/20 - People's Tribune: Ranked Choice Voting could Retire Maine Senate Collins

8/2/20 - Sun Journal: Independent US Senate hopeful Lisa Savage picks up backing of one-time Democratic rival

8/2/20 - Portland Press Herald: Another View: Editorial on Maine's US Senate campaign ignored independent candidate

7/31/20 - Portland Press Herald: Letter: Savage recognizes need for 'people first' health care system

7/23/20 - Beacon: Portlanders 'sleep-in' at city hall protesting lack of services for unhoused residents

7/22/20 - News Center Maine: Independents look to shake up Senate race between Susan Collins and Sara Gideon

7/16/20 - Portland Press Herald: Letter: Democrats rubber-stamp media coronation of Gideon

6/28/20 - Bangor Daily News: It's time for a moral awakening on Israel's treatment of Palestine

6/26/20 - Countercurrents: Kathy Kelly: Battleground States

6/23/20 - Village Soup Waldo: Savage Supporters Gather in Belfast

6/22/20 - The Maritime Executive: Strike Under Way at Bath Iron Works

6/18/20 - The Vanguard: The First GREEN Senator? Lisa Savage Makes Her Case

6/13/20 - The Humanist Report: Why Susan Collins could lose to a Green Party candidate: Lisa Savage Interview

6/10/20 - Portland Phoenix: Lisa Savage: A white supremacist justice system demands we protest

6/7/20 - Bangor Daily News: Lisa Savage: Bath Iron Works leads the way in conversion to peaceful production

6/4/20 - Portland Press Herald: Sen. Collins and her challengers outline actions in response to racism concerns

5/28/20 - Bangor Daily News: New poll shows Sara Gideon leading Susan Collins by 9 points

5/19/20 - WERU: Maine Currents: Elections 2020 Edition

5/19/20 - Hard Lens Media: Lisa Savage - A Flagship Campaign for Maine

5/17/20 - Wonkette: Susan Collins is concerned, and that can only mean one thing

5/15/20 - Counterpunch: For People, Planet, and Peace: Interview with Lisa Savage

5/14/20 - Ron Placone: Lisa Savage interview

4/29/20 - Press Herald: Lisa Savage: Tax breaks for corporations, or layoffs for teachers?

4/26/20 - Press Herald: As coronavirus upends political campaigns, it also emerges as an issue

4/23/20 - Beacon: Collins criticized for defending Trump's protective equipment distribution

4/22/20 - Bangor Daily News: How the coronavirus has changed campaigning for these Maine candidates

4/15/20 - Press Herald: Gideon leads Collins in fundraising for Senate race after $7.1 million haul in first quarter

4/12/20 - NBC NewsCenter: Political Brew: Martial Law in Maine? & Leadership or Grandstanding?

4/8/20 - America's Work Force Radio: Stronger Push for Medicare for All

4/7/20 - Sun Journal: Angus King calls for investigation of Navy captain's removal

4/5/20 - Mainer: Porn, Peace, and Prisons During the Pandemic

3/17/20 - BIW criticized for offering only unpaid leave to workers

3/4/20 - Senate hopeful’s supporters collect more than 6K signatures

2/25/20 - Senate candidate leaves Green party to lower barrier to Maine ballot

2/25/20 - Green Candidate Leaves Party To Remove Barrier To Ballot

2/24/20 - UMaine SEAD hosts Green Party Senate hopeful Lisa Savage

2/24/20 - Green US Senate candidate to unenroll for easier path to Maine ballot in 2020

2/17/20 - Green candidate challenging Susan Collins faces steeper climb to get on Maine ballot

2/4/20 - See who is contributing to Lisa Savage

1/22/20 - The senate candidates on war with Iran

1/12/20 - Portland Press Herald: Collins' record consistent on judicial nominations

1/10/20 - Mount Desert Islander: Letter: "Long shot" still a shot

1/8/20 - Climate, First Nations, and the CMP corridor

1/7/20 - Beacon: Mainers demand federal delegation 'take a moral stand' against war with Iran

1/4/20 - WGME: Maine protesters voice concern following air strike in Iraq

12/17/19 - Bangor Daily News: What Maine's congressional delegation and their 2020 opponents think about Trump impeachment

12/11/19 - America's Workforce Radio: Lisa Savage interview

12/10/19 - Portland Press Herald: Letter: Media ignore key testimony against CMP corridor

12/04/19 - Sun Journal: Green Party calls for authorities to kill $1 billion hydropower project

12/04/19 - Times Record: Maine Greens turn to shipyard protester to raise profile

12/03/19 - Kennebec Journal: Letter: Greens are trying to unite progressives

12/03/19 – Bangor Daily News: The Green Party was a minor force in Maine politics. This activist could help revive it.

11/12/19 - Portland Press Herald: Lisa Savage: As U.S. Senator, I'll stand up to neo-McCarthyism, say 'no' to U.S. wars

10/29/19 - Beacon: Lifelong activist Lisa Savage launches Green Party campaign to take on Sen. Collins

10/25/19 - Beacon: All of Collins' challengers support $15 minimum wage, Collins and King silent

10/22/19 - Maine Public Radio: Green Independent Candidate Enters Maine Race for Senate Seat

10/17/19 - The Times Record: Lisa Savage: BIW is great. It could be so much better

10/14/19 - NBC News Center Maine: Teacher with Senate ambitions considers challenging Collins

10/8/19 - Maine Public Radio: Green Independent Considers Challenging Collins

10/8/19 - Associated Press: Green Independent member considers challenging Collins

10/7/19 - Portland Press Herald: Green Independent Party candidate explores run against Sen. Collins

9/17/19 - The Free Press: Practical Green Politics