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Sign the Petition: Put Lisa in the Polls!

Lisa Savage is running a strong grassroots campaign in Maine’s ranked-choice voting US Senate race, but the political establishment doesn’t want voters to know they have another choice. Out of the last 7 polls asking Maine voters about the Senate race, only one mentioned Lisa!

Sign our petition to tell pollsters: put Lisa in the polls!

The people of Maine voted for ranked-choice voting twice so that we could have elections with more independent choices. Polls that only include 2 candidates are simply inaccurate, especially in a ranked-choice voting race. The purpose of polls should be to honestly gauge voters’ support, not to influence public opinion by artificially limiting their choices.

Erasing Lisa Savage from the polls disrespects the will of the voters by creating a false narrative that there are only 2 candidates in this race. When the media uncritically reports these flawed polls, it reinforces bias against grassroots campaigns in favor of big-money establishment candidates who already get vastly more media coverage thanks to their massive fundraising and relentless ad campaigns.

In a democracy, voters deserve to choose from all the candidates on their ballot, not have their choices limited by big polling agencies.

Sign our petition to tell pollsters: stop creating a false narrative in Maine’s Senate race with misleading polls, and put Lisa Savage in the polls!

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We respectfully demand that you include Lisa Savage in any polls of Maine’s ranked-choice voting Senate race, and not inaccurately restrict the choice to only two candidates.

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