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Rent and Mortgage Relief NOW

We demand immediate relief from rent and mortgage payments for all renters and homeowners in the United States.

The unprecedented financial distress of the Covid-19 pandemic is creating a rent and mortgage payment crisis. People are unemployed or struggling with the collapse of their household income. Yet the rent and mortgage come due every month.  

At the same time, owners of small multi-unit dwellings have mortgages and other bills to pay. They do not have access to the same financial resources as large corporate property owners. 

The recently-passed stimulus package falls far short, and temporary eviction moratoriums alone fail to solve this problem. Only comprehensive rent and mortgage relief that protects both renters and homeowners can provide housing and income security that is absolutely essential for everyone to survive this crisis, stay in their homes, and get back on their feet when the crisis passes.

Sign and share the petition now!  For more details on the proposal, please see Lisa Savage's full statement and watch her accompanying video.

Please go to our ACTION page and find out how you can be part of our campaign to elect a Senator for People, Planet, and Peace!

Will you sign?

We demand that Congress enact emergency legislation to relieve the obligation of rent and mortgage payments for all renters, homeowners, and owners of small multi-unit dwellings in the United States for the duration of the national emergency.

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