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U.S. Senate Candidate Lisa Savage Caught Red-Handed Having Popular Positions

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Monday November 2, 2020

For more info: Sam Pfeifle, 207-749-0298,

Today, “guerilla journalists” Project Veritas released secretly recorded video of independent Green candidate for U.S. Senate Lisa Savage speaking candidly at a Portland, Maine farmer’s market, where she revealed that she supports positions that are popular among those living and voting in the United States.

Project Veritas correctly labeled Savage an “ultra-progressive” and shined a bright light on the fact that she:

  • Supports a Green New Deal. Oh no! People now know that, like 58% of people in the United States, Savage supports a Green New Deal to create good green union jobs to fight the existential threat of the climate crisis. 
  • Believes in racial justice and wants to defund and demilitarize the police. They caught her. Much like 67% of voters, Savage believes racial and ethnic discrimination is a big problem in the United States. And, it’s true, like 52% of voters, Savage wants to demilitarize police departments by taking away their military-grade weapons. And just like 45% of voters under age 29, Savage believes funding for police departments should be cut. 
  • Wants sensible reforms of gun laws. Caught red-handed. While Savage said she supports the Second Amendment (and her husband is a gun-owner and hunter), like 64% of people in the United States she supports some sensible reforms of gun laws, such as a ban on so-called “assault weapons,” much like 48-56% of people in the United States (depending on how the question is worded). 
  • Is a socialist. This is important, as people may not have seen Lisa was endorsed by the Maine chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America. Admittedly, only 42% of all voters in the U.S. have a favorable opinion of “socialism,” but 50% of voters under the age of 29, Savage’s most ardent base, have a favorable view of socialism. Further, 65% of Black voters support socialism, and 50% of those making under $30k per year. Savage also knows that much of the opposition to “socialism” is based on effective propaganda, since her “socialist” positions of supporting Medicare for All, a Green New Deal, tuition-free higher education, universal childcare, and a people’s bailout to get through the Covid-19 pandemic are all supported by more than 50% of people in the United States -- and some of them are supported by a super-majority. 

Luckily, the dedicated reporters at Project Veritas have uncovered these popular positions held by Savage so they can know for themselves they should rank Savage first in Maine’s ranked-choice election tomorrow if they, like most in the United States, support Savage’s progressive positions. They could have just checked her website, though. 

Find information about Lisa Savage, her policy positions, background, and how to support her people-powered campaign at

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