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U.S. Senate Candidate Savage Continues To Shine in Second Maine Senate Debate

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Tuesday September 29, 2020

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U.S. Senate Candidate Savage Continues To Shine in Second Maine Senate Debate

The results are in: Mainers are enthralled by independent Green Candidate for US Senate Lisa Savage’s positive, straightforward, people-centered campaign. Reactions to last night’s US Senate debate in Presque Isle, at the WAGM studios, provide the evidence:

“I was quite impressed with you in tonight's debate! I'm looking forward to getting to know more about how you plan to become our next Senator!!! Thanks!,” said Shirley R.

“I saw the first debate. I am a Sebago voter and will rank you first. I focus on sane policy and you shine on that compared to other choices,” said Eileen M. 

“Really grateful to have a candidate that is strongly advocating for the legislation that my generation desperately wants to see enacted in Congress!,” said Clifford C.

“Thank you for focusing on what you stand for and will try to do instead of tearing down your opponents. I have been wishing for such a candidate for a very long time,” said Pamela E.

“This debate was the first exposure I have had to you. Very good and insightful answers. Also I was impressed with the self control and composure all three of you women maintained as you endured angry sexist attacks,” said Melanie R.  

“Thank you for answering the questions, not pointing fingers and getting sucked into the drama of the other three candidates,” said Robin M. 

All these and more came in a substantive Facebook discussion that followed the debate, driven by Savage’s desire to continue the debate’s conversation on social media. Savage also answered questions about student debt, workers’ cooperatives, Israel and Palestine, endless war, and much more. 

This stands in stark contrast to the theatrics of independent Max Linn, who struck a blow against public health by destroying PPE, and Republican Susan Collins and Democrat Sara Gideon, whose attacks on each other reflected their relentless negative ad campaigns, funded by tens of millions of dollars.

“Mainers are tired of negative campaigning and being bombarded with negative messaging on every screen they turn on,” said Savage. “Time and again, I hear that people want to hear about real solutions to the problems they face. With ranked-choice voting, they can safely rank me first, the candidate for Medicare for All and the Demilitarized Green New Deal, and use their second choice on a ‘safe’ candidate.”

“Of course,” Savage continued, “our personal health and safety, and the safety of the planet, would suggest we can’t settle for ‘safe’ candidates any longer.”

The four candidates will next debate Oct. 15, in Augusta, at an event to be broadcast by Maine Public Broadcasting. 

Savage’s surging campaign has seen 25% of its donations in the last two weeks, buoyed by the debate performances and new advertising buys in local media. In particular, the campaign has seen a major influx in young Mainers volunteering and advocating for Savage; in the most recent Colby College-sponsored poll, Savage got 11% of first-round votes from the 18-24 demographic. Further, Savage continues to be the highest #2 vote getter in recent polling, with Colby having her at 23% of all #2 votes. 

Find information about Lisa Savage, her policy positions, background, and how to support her people-powered campaign at

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