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U.S. Senate Candidate Savage Wins Third Maine Senate Debate with Detailed Plans


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In a debate full of substantive questions directly posed to the candidates, independent Green candidate for U.S. Senate Lisa Savage showed she has the plans in place to address Maine’s and the United States’ most vital issues. Last night at the Augusta Civic Center, Maine Public Broadcasting’s political team showed they had done their homework, pressing candidates for details and allowing 90 seconds for answers; only Savage used the time to lay out her detailed approaches to the issues. 

When asked about health care, repeatedly shown to be the most pressing issue for Mainers, incumbent Susan Collins could come up with nothing more than “transparency,” reducing prescription drug prices, and an attack on Democrat Sara Gideon. Gideon, for her part, talked about the so-called Affordable Care Act that does nothing to remove the profit motive from health care or rein in prices, and then attacked President Trump, Susan Collins’ lack of a plan and former votes. Independent Max Linn talked about a supposed “hybrid system,” and provided bromides about being an independent voice and having experience. 

Only Lisa Savage outlined an approach -- Medicare for All -- that provides everyone in the United States with dependable health care that would reduce the out-of-pocket cost of health care for individuals, reduce total overall spending on health care, and increase the quality of care. 

“The majority of people in Maine want Medicare for All. The majority of people in the United States want Medicare for All. Instead we have Republicans who have no health care plan, essentially, and we have Democrats, who want to make it more affordable, but keep the profit in health care. The people want real health care. They don’t want health insurance,” Savage said. “They want health care that they can afford to use and that they can count on when someone in their family becomes seriously ill so they do not lose their home or lose their life savings because of an illness.” 

Similarly, when asked about addressing the climate crisis, only Savage was able to point to a “broad and comprehensive program” -- her Demilitarized Green New Deal -- while detailing how she would pay for it by cutting the Pentagon’s budget, thereby also “addressing the fact that the Pentagon is one of the biggest drivers of climate change.”

Meanwhile, Linn agreed that climate change is “right up there” as one of the biggest problems facing humanity, but stated that trying to address it would “continue to bankrupt our country.” Gideon pointed to many of the problems facing Maine -- coastal flooding and extreme drought among them -- but then said she would “set goals” and “get to net zero” without mentioning what those goals might be or when net zero should happen. Collins focused on a battery-development bill she authored, which hasn’t passed, and then attacked Gideon. 

If you were looking for a substantive response to this crisis, only Savage had one on offer.

Finally, when asked about the foreign policy, Collins said she did not regret her vote to provide war powers to the executive branch essentially in perpetuity. Linn talked about the political class being a war-mongering machine, and held up a manila folder full of Collins’ votes: “There’s never been a war she hasn’t voted for.” What would he do? He didn’t say. Gideon said, “we need to have a foreign policy that is well thought out,” but did not outline what that might be. 

Savage, however, was the only one who noted that wars for profit are very unpopular with the American people. She outlined a plan for ending the war powers authorization so as to end the “marketing scheme” that wars represent for weapons manufacturers. 

Again, while three other candidates proved themselves evasive and interested in attacking their opponents, only Savage addressed the Maine people directly and answered the question directly. 

The four candidates will next debate Oct. 22, in Portland, at an event to be broadcast by Channels 6 and 2, and hosted by the Maine Chamber of Commerce. 

Find information about Lisa Savage, her policy positions, background, and how to support her people-powered campaign at

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