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Exploratory No More: Savage Campaign For Senate Is In It To Win It

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Monday November 11, 2019

Contact for more info: Sam Pfeifle
Twitter: @SamPfeifle
Phone: 207-749-0298

Less than a month after the launch of Lisa Savage’s exploratory committee for U.S. Senate, the overwhelming and enthusiastic response throughout Maine has made it clear people are eager for a people-powered alternative to Susan Collins. With an FEC filing and major campaign hires in the rearview mirror, it’s now full speed ahead as Savage eyes gathering the 2,000 Green signatures needed to attain ballot access in the 10 weeks between January 1 and March 15. 

“Clearly,” said Savage, “Mainers are tired of having representatives in Washington who serve corporate interests above their own. Overwhelmingly, Mainers tell me they want Medical for all, a real plan to address the climate crisis, and an end to wasteful spending on needless wars, but they have no one to advocate for them in Washington. This has to change.”

Already, scores of volunteers have raised their hands to phone bank for Savage, identifying supporters willing not only to register Green, sign, and donate, but to spread Savage’s message through Maine’s close-knit communities. While other candidates in the race compete to see who can gather the most out-of-state corporate donations, Savage has been focused on connecting with Mainers who no longer know where to turn for help ending crippling student debt, preventing foreign corporations from despoiling the Maine wilderness, and protecting our economy from the scourge of rising inequality.

In addition, Savage has hired Communications Director Dave Schwab, a veteran of past presidential campaigns that have transformed the political landscape with bold ideas like the Green New Deal; Ballot Access Manager Ben Schattenburg, who played a key role powering Ranked Choice Voting onto the Maine ballot; and Campaign Administrator Erin Fox, an expert in data and system infrastructure, to begin filling out the official Lisa for Maine campaign. 

“I’m so excited to have these seasoned professionals on staff,” said Savage, “who know how to connect with voters who are tired of divisive politics that try to drive wedges between us and our neighbors. Dave, Ben, and Erin really know how to reach voters at the kitchen table, and with Ranked Choice Voting, Mainers have a historic opportunity to vote their hopes and not their fears, with no worries about ‘spoilers’ or the two-party stranglehold on our democracy.” 

The Lisa for Maine campaign will be holding trainings for signature collectors throughout November and December and plans to hit the ground running on January 1, with a team of signature collectors ready to fan out across the state and meet with Greens who are energized to support their first statewide candidate in a decade. 

As the only candidate prioritizing hot-button issues like the climate crisis and demilitarization, it’s not surprising that Savage is bringing new people like Ashley Bahlkow into the political sphere: “I’ve never done this kind of thing before but I believe Lisa is special. Since I’ve known her, she’s been authentic and honest and is someone who I believe won’t compromise on her principles in the face of corporate money and dogmatic militarism.”

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