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We're off to a great start!

Exciting news: Lisa's campaign for U.S. Senate has officially filed with the Federal Election Commission, because she blew past the fundraising threshold of $5,000 less than a week after announcing her campaign!

Lisa’s campaign is already making news around the state of Maine and nationally, with great coverage in major media outlets like the Portland Press Herald, US News and World Report, Maine Public Radio, NBC News Center Maine and more.

We’ve been inspired by this incredible start to our campaign to elect a Senator who works for the people, not the powerful. What makes it even more amazing: because Lisa isn’t taking a dime from the pay-to-play corporate interests that have corrupted our government, we’re relying 100% on support from real people.

Lisa’s first public rally was a resounding success, with supporters traveling to Portland from as far away as Deer Isle and Bangor to celebrate her long history of advocating for working people, the environment, social justice, and peace. Here’s what some of them had to say:

“I have known Lisa Savage for nearly two decades. She is smart, she is passionate, she is caring. I need a senator like Lisa Savage. As an active member of her community, Lisa understands the realities of Maine families and Maine communities.”

-Markos Miller, Portland educator and activist

"Since I’ve gotten involved in politics, I’ve experienced a very unfortunate trend of politicians that only represent themselves and ‘people like them.’ I am continuously appalled by the lack of open-mindedness and compassion for people not of their social stature or people who don’t fit into societal normatives. This is why I’m here to say we need Lisa Savage in the U.S Senate.”

-Jessica Falero, homeless advocate 

“It is my opinion that Lisa Savage represents the values and change — the paradigm shift, if you will — that we so desperately need in this country. She is a place we can find hope. I am grateful for the opportunity to work on her campaign.”

-Dud Hendrick, Naval Academy graduate and Vietnam veteran 

We still have a long road ahead of us: to get Lisa on the ballot, we need to collect 2,000 signatures from registered Maine Green Independents between January 1 and March 15, 2020. Our campaign is planning now for signature collection, an extensive listening tour of Maine, and building a team of volunteers to propel Lisa into the 2020 election.

Please help us get Lisa onto the ballot and into the ranks of 2020 contenders - contribute to our people-powered campaign today!

Lisa and all of us have been heartened and emboldened by the incredible response we’re already seeing. It’s clear the people of Maine are fed up with government that works only for corporations and the ultra-wealthy. They are fed up with so much of our hard-earned money being spent on the military and subsidies for oil companies and multinational corporations who won’t even pay a living wage. 

We have a historic opportunity in this race now that Maine has adopted ranked choice voting, which gives everyone the freedom to vote for the greater good.

It’s up to us to take this opportunity to elect a Senator who will put people, planet, and peace over profit.

Thank you for helping make it happen!

-The Lisa for Maine team

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