2020 is the year we make history!

Happy 2020! In this new year, we’re working harder than ever to change US politics by electing Lisa Savage to the US Senate and sending a strong voice for people, planet, and peace to represent us in Washington DC. In fact, the first thing we did in the first seconds of the new year was start gathering petition signatures to put Lisa on the ballot. We have two more months to gather at least 2,000 signatures from registered Green Independent voters around Maine, and especially with the winter weather, it’s going to be a challenge. Fortunately, we have a dedicated team of grassroots organizers who are 100% committed to putting Lisa on the ballot and electing her to the Senate. But we can’t get it done without support from people like you. Continue reading

Lisa's campaign is on the move!

A whole lot has been going on with Lisa Savage’s campaign for U.S. Senate. We wanted to update you on some of our recent highlights! No CMP Corridor/NECEC Press Conference Thu 12/5 in Lewiston Lisa stands with Mainers against the CMP Corridor/NECEC! Join Lisa, 2016 Green Presidential candidate Dr. Jill Stein, Penobscot journalist Dawn Neptune Adams, and former Maine Green Governor candidate Jonathan Carter at the public hearing in Lewiston on Thursday, December 5th to let everyone know why the CMP Corridor/NECEC is a bad deal for Maine (see our recent statement here). Please RSVP on our website to let us know you'll be standing with us to keep corporate hands off our Maine woods!  Click here to see the event on Facebook and invite friends. Continue reading

Lisa is making headlines!

Our campaign to elect a Senator for people, planet, and peace is making headlines! Over a year before the 2020 election, Lisa Savage for US Senate is already getting great media exposure. This level of positive, issues-focused coverage this early in the election cycle is virtually unprecedented for a Green campaign - a good sign of things to come!  We wanted to share some recent highlights with you: Continue reading

We're off to a great start!

Exciting news: Lisa's campaign for U.S. Senate has officially filed with the Federal Election Commission, because she blew past the fundraising threshold of $5,000 less than a week after announcing her campaign! Lisa’s campaign is already making news around the state of Maine and nationally, with great coverage in major media outlets like the Portland Press Herald, US News and World Report, Maine Public Radio, NBC News Center Maine and more. We’ve been inspired by this incredible start to our campaign to elect a Senator who works for the people, not the powerful. What makes it even more amazing: because Lisa isn’t taking a dime from the pay-to-play corporate interests that have corrupted our government, we’re relying 100% on support from real people. Continue reading