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2020 is the year we make history!

Happy 2020! In this new year, we’re working harder than ever to change US politics by electing Lisa Savage to the US Senate and sending a strong voice for people, planet, and peace to represent us in Washington DC.

In fact, the first thing we did in the first seconds of the new year was start gathering petition signatures to put Lisa on the ballot. We have two more months to gather at least 2,000 signatures from registered Green Independent voters around Maine, and especially with the winter weather, it’s going to be a challenge.

Fortunately, we have a dedicated team of grassroots organizers who are 100% committed to putting Lisa on the ballot and electing her to the Senate. But we can’t get it done without support from people like you.

Will you pitch in today to the Lisa Savage for US Senate ballot fund?

Thanks to our generous supporters, right now we’re at just over $6,000 of the $25,000 we need to raise to make our ballot drive a success.

Please do what you can to help us make it happen - every little bit helps!

Here’s some more recent highlights from the Lisa for Maine campaign:

Lisa Savage stands with No Iran War movement

After Trump’s assassination of an Iranian general in Iraq, Lisa has led the field of Senate candidates in showing up and speaking out against the prospect of another endless, destructive war in the Middle East. Less than 48 hours after the attack, Lisa turned out with campaign supporters to an anti-war rally in Portland, where she was interviewed by WGME, the Beacon, and independent media. She is asking everyone to contact their Senators to support the War Powers Resolution, which would reassert Congressional authority over the president’s war-making power.

Lisa for Maine campaign hires Volunteer Coordinator

We’re excited to announce that we’ve hired Kelly Merrill as our Volunteer Coordinator! Kelly is an activist, artist, writer, community organizer, and creative strategist from Portland. Kelly is already working with volunteers to help get Lisa on the ballot and build her grassroots campaign in the greater Portland area.

Putting in work to put Lisa on the ballot

Our team of grassroots organizers and volunteers across the state have been working hard since January 1st to collect the 2,000 signatures we need to put Lisa on the ballot. Volunteers are canvassing for signatures in communities around the state, including regular weekend canvasses in Portland. We’ve hired 3 professional signature gatherers to lead the charge. Supporters around the country are making calls to get registered Maine Green Independent voters to pledge their signatures. Lisa has been doing events across the state to meet with voters and collect signatures, including a joint outing with fellow Senate candidates Tiffany Bond (Independent) and Bre Kidman (Democrat). Superstar volunteer Bruce Gagnon blogged about his experience collecting signatures in Brunswick. We’ve even had Greens from Connecticut come up to help out.

To make this happen, we need all hands on deck - sign up to volunteer today!

Lisa in the news: standing against war and corporate welfare

Our campaign continues to get good media coverage. Check out Lisa’s statement on the growing controversy over Maine’s $45 million tax giveaway to General Dynamics, which she opposed from the start. Comedian Graham Elwood interviewed Lisa about the 2020 election, ranked choice voting, how a Green New Deal will create more and better jobs than military spending, and more. Lisa had another great interview with America’s Work Force Radio where she discussed how her platform will help working people. She was also quoted in the Portland Press Herald’s story on Sen. Collins’ record on judicial nominations.

We expect the media coverage to get even better once we officially get on the ballot, so please do what you can to help today!

With polls showing 70% of Americans are sick and tired of the political establishment, and Maine’s new ranked choice voting system leveling the playing field for independent campaigns, we’ve never had a better opportunity to build a grassroots movement that can change history.

Right now, people around the state are watching our campaign to see if we can rise to the challenge of collecting 2,000 signatures from registered Greens in the dead of winter. If we do, we expect an outpouring of attention and support. But before that happens, we need all the help we can get.

If you believe in our vision of electing a US Senator who works for people, planet, and peace - and blazing a trail for other states to do the same - please give generously to our ballot fund today!

Together, we can build an unstoppable movement for the greater good.

In gratitude,

The Lisa for Maine Team

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