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US Senate Candidate Savage Launches Policy-Focused Webinar Series on “The Way Forward”

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Thursday July 9, 2020

For more info: Sam Pfeifle  207-749-0298  @SamPfeifle

The combination of greed and incompetence exhibited by the Trump Administration has brought into stark relief issues that have been simmering under the surface of American policy discourse for decades:

  • A for-profit health care system that provides inadequate care, while forcing families into bankruptcy to pay for it.
  • A dismal and irresponsible response to a climate crisis that threatens the human species itself.
  • A justice system that incarcerates more people than any country on earth, and locks up Black, indigenous, and people of color at disproportionate rates. 
  • A military that inflicts pain and suffering around the world under the pretense of protecting U.S. interests. 
  • A democracy hijacked by big money, where voters are constantly encouraged to vote for the lesser of two evils.

For many, these issues have been as obvious as the Portland Headlight, blinking beacons of danger to our nation’s well being for decades. The problem has been charting a course to fixing them. How do we best characterize the problems and articulate a way forward? 

To that end, independent Green candidate for U.S. Senate Lisa Savage is convening a series of policy-focused webinars this summer, “The Way Forward,” that will bring together policy and subject-matter experts from Maine and around the country to have substantive discussions about solving some of our country’s most difficult policy issues, with opportunity for questions and discussion. 

“Unlike many politicians,” said Savage, “I don’t claim to have all the answers. Anyone who tells you that they alone can fix our country’s problems is an egomaniacal liar. In the Senate, I would rely heavily on those who have spent lifetimes studying difficult issues and make sure that any vote I cast or legislation I introduce is informed by the best thinking and research on the matter. This webinar series is just the start of the work I hope to do to inform the public and get them better involved in the lawmaking process and the hard work we must do to provide everyone in the United States a way forward they can believe in.”

Schedule of webinars, free and open to the public:

July 16, 5p: “The Cost of War,” with Pulitzer-winning journalist, author and minister Chris Hedges and Iraq/Afghanistan veteran, author, and USM lecturer Jason White. Watch the recording on the Lisa for Maine Youtube channel.

July 21, 5p: “Racial Justice at Home and Abroad,” with former Green VP candidate and Black Alliance for Peace leader Ajamu Baraka, Director of the Maine Prisoner Advocacy Coalition Joseph Jackson, and Co-Founder of Bangor’s Racial Equity and Justice Desiree Vargas. Watch the recording on the Lisa for Maine Youtube channel. 

July 31, 5pm ET: “Improved Medicare for All: Universal Single-Payer Health Care,” with former Green congressional candidate and universal care advocate Dr. Margaret Flowers, Maine AllCare’s Dr. Bill Clark, and recovery and harm reduction advocate Glenn Simpson. Watch the recording on the Lisa for Maine Facebook page or Youtube channel.

August 5, 5pm ET: “Defeating the CMP Corridor To Address the Climate Crisis,” with Penobscot Nation advocate and journalist Dawn Neptune Adams, Pimicikamak Cree Nation advocate John Gonzalez, and Forest Ecology Network leader Jonathan Carter. Watch the recording on the Lisa for Maine Youtube channel.

August 20, 5pm ET: “RCV for a Better Democracy,” with former Democratic Senate candidate Bre Kidman, Voter Choice Massachusetts founding member Liz Popolo, and former field director for the Committee for Ranked Choice Voting Christopher Cayer. RSVP now!

Dates and times will be finalized, and more events added, as the summer progresses. 

Find information about Lisa Savage, her policy positions, background, and how to support her people-powered campaign at

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