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U.S. Senate Candidate Savage Issues Statement on Yet Another RCV Challenge


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Reacting to the news that Maine courts have overturned Secretary of State Matt Dunlap’s decision to invalidate signatures and that the people’s veto of using ranked-choice voting in Maine’s presidential election will now go to the polls in this fall’s election, independent Green candidate for U.S. Senate in Maine Lisa Savage issued the following statement:

“It is dismaying that the Republican Party will force the people of Maine to vote on ranked-choice voting for a third time. Already, we have shown in strong majorities that we support RCV, regardless of the election.

“While I support citizen initiatives and respect the people’s veto process -- indeed, it is what has allowed us to retain RCV, following the Legislature’s shameful attempts to undermine the will of the people -- at some point, enough is enough. These continuing efforts by Republicans only serve, at this point, to confuse voters and work to undermine the integrity of our elections. 

“I am proud to be running in a ranked-choice voting race and it is imperative that the State, our local news media, and all of the candidates for federal Congress do everything in our power to help Maine voters understand the system of voting for each level of government and that there be no confusion as to whether RCV is ‘valid’ when people make their votes this fall. Especially given the push for early voting, efforts like our campaign’s web conferences, infographics, and press releases should be modeled by others to ensure an informed, confident electorate. 

“Ranked-choice voting offers the possibility of a new politics. It is perhaps unsurprising that Republicans are frightened of this new world where candidates can compete in the marketplace of ideas and help voters understand which candidate aligns best with their values, but that doesn’t make it any less disappointing or, frankly, pathetic. The time is now to leave ‘lesser evil’ politics behind and step into a future where voters can vote their hopes, not their fears.

“And speaking of aligning with Maine values, I think one Maine value we can all agree on is that no one likes a sore loser.”

Find information about Lisa’s background, her policy positions, and where to donate to her people-powered campaign at

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